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We have sold all the puppies from Izzy's litter. If you would like to be put on our waiting list please text or call the number above. Thank you!
Brent and Casey

Thank you for finding us!  Whether you are looking for a faithful companion as a loving family pet, or watchful eye for extra protection, this is the dog for you!

Our current Doberman family includes:  Izzy and Kane. Please click on the side tabs to learn more about them. All our Doberman Pinschers are AKC registered. 

Our doberman's pups are handled by our kids and us on a daily basis so they can get use to us and other people. We let the mother bond with her pups for the first few days without too much interaction. After that we will start weekly baths, weekly weight-in's and daily playing with them.  We believe that if we let the kids help with caring for them, it teaches and shows our kids responsibility of how to care for another person/animal and it teaches the pups trust and socialization. 

We do not release the pups until they are 8 weeks of age .  Because of this, we do not crop the ears since most vets recommend the pups to be 10-12 weeks old. 
Our vet will dock the tails, remove the dew claws, give the first round of shots and preventive heart-worms medicine.  They always get a healthcheck before heading to their new homes! 

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